A.JIVANJEE ARCHITECTS is an architectural practice established in 1984 whose forte lies in tackling projects in varied corners of the globe. Renowned as an agile forward looking practice which thrives because it views architecture as a collaborative enterprise between clients, engineers, specialists, building contractors and project managers, A. Jivanjee Architects has strived to redefine the traditional uses of space, materials and technologies to serve its diverse coterie of clients for the last three decades.

Aliasger Jivanjee completed his architectural studies in England. He began his professional career in 1977 with Hassan Fathy in Cairo Egypt, on the restoration of the Mosque of Al Hakim (Jame Anwar) in the historic Fatimid city in central Cairo. This experience in Cairo formed the basis of his design philosophy and is reflected in the design of his Islamic projects.

A. Jivanjee Architects’ core activity is providing a specialized design service for projects of every scale, in the context of a meaningful contribution to the formation of a well tempered built environment with creative architectural design. Every project undertaken is assessed and detailed to suit the client’s requirements and lifestyle.

The projects handled by A. Jivanjee Architects range from restoration projects, commercial projects, institutional buildings, residential projects and a vast array of projects for the Islamic community, especially the Dawoodi Bohra community in varied corners of the globe. From the South Asian sub continent, Singapore and Malaysia to Syria and the United Kingdom; from the United States and Canada to Tanzania and Kenya, A. Jivanjee Architects have their hand on the pulse of the country’s development where they undertake a project and a deep knowledge of its infrastructure and lifestyle.

A. Jivanjee’s diverse spectrum of experience and his skill as an architect who balances multiple intelligences, thinks laterally and knows that everything is causal, interrelated and connected makes him the preferred and recommended choice for a vast range of satisfied clients.