Commercial Projects

A.Jivanjee Architects have designed detailed and supervised commercial projects in Tanzania. These projects are for individual clients and for Developers. They comprise of mixed use development with residential, office, medical, commercial uses with an attempt to design facilities for a good quality of life.

Dar-es-Salaam as the capital of Tanzania has expanded over the last 2 decades with existing and new commercial and residential areas developing at great pace. With our deep knowledge of the area we have been commissioned for numerous projects within the existing city and in the new suburbs, which attempt to maximize site usage and the best views from the site.

These projects are detailed to provide a high standard of living with all modern utilities, parking, alternative power generation facilities and infrastructure planning. Our team of detailers and interior designers assess and play a major role towards the final planning of the project.

A Jivanjee Architect have been commissioned on many commercial projects in Tanzania and Kenya. These countries are in the process of major urban redevelopment. These projects are illustrated on this website. They attempt to achieve a good viable planning concept for the client with good architectural language.

In Mombasa Kenya A.Jivanjee Architect have prepared a proposal for the renovation and planning of a new township called the Burhani Park Project. Surrounding a historic mosque on the seafront in old Mombasa this project will attempt to revive this area with new commercial, residential and garden spaces. It will attempt to enhance the Arab architecture of old Mombasa and the trading in antiques associated with this area.