Islamic Architecture

In 1979 A. Jivanjee worked with Hassan Fathy in Cairo on the restoration of the historic mosque of Al Hakim (Jame-al-Anwar) in the historic old city of Al Qahira. This was a mosque almost 900 years old, comprising of an area of 13,500 sq.m. bound by the historic wall of Fatimi Cairo and the Gates of Bab-ul-Futuh and Bab-ul-Nasr. It had suffered from the vagaries of age and prior to its restoration its courtyard contained a modern school and served as a storage space for the antiquities department of Egypt. Over a period of 2 years the mosque was rebuilt to its original form and details using traditional building craft and modern technology was applied where required. Hassan Fathy personally finalized all details, its implementation and its presentation.

This great opportunity formed a basis and inspiration for many projects for which A.Jivanjee Architects were commissioned in many parts of the world. These projects included projects for Mosques, and support facilities for the Dawoodi Bohra community, as well as design planning and detailing on projects for other Islamic clients in Malaysia, Singapore, USA. All projects are illustrated on this web site.